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Make beats. Learn code. Promote equity.

Pharrell Williams Your Voice is Power

Amazon, Georgia Tech, TakingITGlobal, and Pharrell Williams’ philanthropic organization, YELLOW, invite you to engage your students in the fall edition of Your Voice is Power learning experience and coding competition. Canadian students will learn entrepreneurship, computer science, and social justice by remixing Pharrell’s song, Entrepreneur, on the EarSketch platform.

Canadian students explore how computer science, music, and entrepreneurship can advance equity. Using Georgia Tech’s EarSketch platform, students code a 30 second – 3 minute musical remix using Pharrell’s song “Entrepreneur“. Submitted remixes will be judged based on quality of music, code, and messaging by a panel of industry professionals.

Canada Competition Timeline

Opens: October 4, 2021
Closes: December 17, 2021
Winners Announced: January, 2022

Canada Prizing


Student typing on their computer

Two students will win a $5000 CAD grand prize for a scholarship or grant to start a business.

Students can also win Amazon gift cards and other awesome prizes.


Amazon employee helping two boys at a computer

One teacher will win a $1000 CAD cash prize for above and beyond instruction with Your Voice is Power.

How to get started

I’m ready, how do I bring this to my classroom!

This learning experience includes curriculum to teach how music, computer science, and entrepreneurship can be tools to fight for racial equity. Each module’s learning experience includes a lesson plan, slides, student notes, and exit ticket, which are accessible below and also integrated into its respective webpage for you to follow along with your students as you teach.

Check out the winning song from our last Canadian winner Jasmine Jenkins

Georgia Tech

amazon future engineer
Taking IT Global


We encourage ALL teachers (computer science, music, business, history, math, science, reading, etc.) to bring this unique learning experience to your class. Building an equitable future for us all requires teaching students about racial injustice and equipping them with the mindset, knowledge, and skills they need to combat it. Similarly, access to the skills of the future is not guaranteed in today’s educational system. By teaching students the basics of computer science, entrepreneurship, and music production, you will spark student interest in new career possibilities.

The provided curriculum is broken into 5-6 modules. Each module is written to take one class period (60 minutes) of instruction; however, teachers may move through the modules at their own pace. Each module comes with a scripted lesson plan, slide decks, digital student materials, exemplar code examples, and engaging videos! Review the materials to allot the time needed for your class to complete. All materials are aligned to the CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards.

Module 5 Lesson 4 contains a checklist you should review before song submission then submit your song using the Competition form.

We currently recommend this challenge for students aged 13 and up. However, you may always try it with younger learners and see how they do with your help!

Students submit individually.

While strongly recommended, using the curriculum is entirely optional. The curriculum is provided to help teachers guide meaningful discussion and instruct students how to use EarSketch. Teachers may implement the curriculum however they see best for their classroom. Student winners will be judged based on their final song. Teacher winners will be selected based how they went “above and beyond” to bring this learning experience to their classroom.

The competition and curriculum are currently available in English and Canadian French. While anyone can utilize the curricular resources and EarSketch platform, students and teachers must live in Canada to be eligible to win. Refer to official rules for more details.

Students will need access to a web browser and internet to participate. EarSketch is a web based coding platform (no downloads necessary). EarSketch runs on Chromebooks and any computer with a standard web browser.

All curriculum materials can be used digitally or can be printed out. No other equipment is required.

While virtual instruction can make discussion and individual support tricky, the provided materials make it possible to deliver a rich and exciting learning experience to your students even from afar.

Your Voice Is Power Curriculum and Competition was designed by educational experts in computer science and social justice instruction.

Sabrina Grossman, Program Director, CEISMC, Georgia Tech
Chalece DeLaCoudray, Innovator in Residence, CEISMC, Georgia Tech,
Joycelyn Wilson, PhD, Assistant Professor of Hip Hop Studies and DM, HipHop2020 Innovation Archive, Georgia Tech
Roxanne Moore, PhD, Senior Research Engineer, Georgia Tech
Stephanie Walters, YELLOW Foundation
Justin Funiliar, YELLOW Foundation
Mike Galliard, YELLOW Foundation
Krystal Hardy Allen, CEO, K. Allen Consulting
Jaritza Alecon, Associate Consultant, K. Allen Consulting

Tekquiree Spencer, Executive Producer, Spencers4Hire
Jermaine R. Spencer, Executive Producer, Spencers4Hire
Beatrice Dixon, Featured Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of the Honey Pot Company
Mike Larson, Sound Engineer and Music Producer

Kass Escalera, Design Education Diversity, Amazon
Ashley Glover, UX Designer, Amazon Fire TV
Jimin Kim, UX Visual Designer, Amazon
Matt Giuliari, UX Designer, Amazon Devices Design & Services Group ,
Rina King, UX Visual Designer, Amazon Devices Design & Services Group

Jason Freeman, Chair, School of Music, Georgia Tech
Luke Heerman, Application Developer Lead, School of Music, Georgia Tech
Love Park, Education Outreach Coordinator, CEISMC, Georgia Tech

EarSketch is a free web-based platform to help students of all ages learn core topics in computer science, music, and music technology in a fun and engaging learning environment. EarSketch helps students learn to code in Python or JavaScript through manipulating loops, composing beats, remixing sounds, and applying effects to a multi-track digital audio workstation.

Founded by recording artist, producer, songwriter, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Pharrell Williams, YELLOW is a non-profit working to EVEN THE ODDS for all youth through education. YELLOW has a focus on 5 key priorities: Abolish Remedial, Revolutionize Teaching, Inspire Entrepreneurship, Nourish Youth, and Enlist Communities. Through these priorities, YELLOW will transform education and teach for the future, creating a lens of possibility.

Amazon Future Engineer is Amazon’s signature computer science program, designed to inspire, educate, and prepare children and young adults from underrepresented and underserved communities to pursue computer science. 

TakingITGlobal is one of the world’s leading networks of young people learning about, engaging with, and working towards tackling global challenges. Their mission is to empower youth to understand and act on local and global challenges.